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Made In Uniben Design For All Uniben Students And Uniben Alumni

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Rhe perfect sweatshirt to represent uniben outside.


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Customer Reviews


The sweatshirt looks and feels great coming out of the bag


Okay, i will be honest, when i paid it was just trial, turns out this is real, the product i got for this price was too superb, wonderful print


I like this sweater a lot. The material is heavy enough to keep warm and soft enough to stay comfortable during the day.


Fits great and very comfortable. Not super baggy like other sweatshirts are cut


The fit around the body was ok but the sleeves were huge. we move, greatest gba gba


This sweater choke abeg, loved it


i cant believe i bought this after all the stress uniben put me through, and i love it


Absolutely in love with this sweatshirt! It got here in no time and I received the proof before it was made! I will definitely be ordering more custom sweatshirts from here!!!!


I love my sweatshirt! Awesome quality and it looks so legit. I’ve ordered custom clothing before and the writing has looked odd, out of place or very generic. The placing and size of the writing is excellent and I’m going to love wearing it everywhere. Thank you!


I got exactly what I expected, Fantastic long sleeve for casual with the exact text I asked for


Came out perfect! Super comfy and loved the font and color!